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After focusing on poetry for most of my writing career, in 2012, I began my debut novel, The Accountant, and I completed it in 2016. Set in Boston in the mid-1980s, the book is centered on a socially isolated accountant who has to count one million potatoes. For most of his life, the accountant, Hugh, has dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder, and he believes this potato assignment could help move him closer to  his dream.

Hugh also meets a man and a woman who are connected to him in ways he doesn’t immediately understand. The man the accountant meets is a soldier, a veteran of the war in Arizona. The woman is a traveler who asks him to do various tasks for her – one of these jobs is to rob a local bank. As the accountant becomes involved with these two people, he hears about their lives and his own begins to unravel. Obsessed with counting and numbers, Hugh tries to quantify recent events as the world becomes increasingly strange and dangerous.



In 2007, Carolina Wren Press published my first book, Key Bridge, a book-length poem about the intersections of history, geography, identity, and ethnicity in Washington, DC, set against my memories of growing up there.

Get a copy of Key Bridge from your local bookseller or online from Carolina Wren Press or Amazon.

Praise for Key Bridge

“Capturing all its contradictions, this poem evokes Washington D.C. so powerfully that it brings the whole nation’s contradictions along with it. Here is our racism, our blindness, and our brilliance, all composing a flickering, echoing city. Rumble has reawakened the bridge as metaphor, and with it, given us a moment to pause in mid-air, look around, and take stock. Given his vivid, incantatory language, it’s a startling view.”
—Cole Swensen, Guggenheim Fellow & author of Gravesend

“And ambitious study of polis, power, and memory . . . raising candid questions about the bridges that we cross and the troubled waters around us.”
—Lisa Jarnot, author of Joie de Vivre: Selected Poems and Robert Duncan, The Ambassador from Venus: A Biography

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