I am the author of the poetry collection Key Bridge and am currently at work on my debut novel, The Accountant. I have given poetry readings across the US, and my poems have appeared in dozens of literary magazines.

Education + Teaching

I studied creative writing and literature at Beloit College, and I received an MFA in poetry from Pennsylvania State University.

Since then I have taught literature and writing at Guilford College, UNC-Greensboro, and Salem College and Area II for several summers in North Carolina’s Governor’s School program.

Arts Marketing

I have also worked in arts marketing as the marketing director for both the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art and Duke Performances at Duke University.

Other Work

I am the founder and director of the Desert City Poetry Reading Series, and I was one of the founders and main organizer of the Lucifer Poetics Group (Lucipo).

Over the last several years, I have performed in various Durham-based rock groups including knives and Prisms, and I created large-scale art installations at 715 Washington in Durham.


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